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    Training classes and Workshops






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 Oct.   9  -  13, 2017   Phoenix, AZ 

On-site classroom and hands-on workshops are offered in

several technical areas:      








Over 95% of the attendees are ‘end users’ of industrial lasers.  Of this group, over 80% come from companies that sent people to the HDE Laser Classes in the past.  Repeat business!


People attending are engineers, operators, scientists, team leaders and project managers.   Over the 40+ years over 5,000 of them.

The attendees come from the following industries: aerospace, aircraft, automotive, automotive components, educational institutions, electronics, jet engine, medical device manufacturing, microwave, national research labs, pharmaceutical, etc.

This LWM technology was invented by HDE (Patent Pending).  It monitors pulsed laser welding process in real time. Digital.  The total system is designed, manufactured and sold by HDE.  Installs and existing or on new laser welding systems.

For the past 40 years HDE has been the provider of comprehensive technical training and support for users of industrial lasers in manufacturing, education and research.  Regularly scheduled classes are offered in:

(Incl. Intro to Additive Manufacturing)

·  Laser Welding Technology

· Laser welding

· Laser cutting and drilling

· Laser Equipment qualification

· Compliance with published technical Standard

· Etc.

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     On-site training