How to Convert Sodexo to Gcash? – Sodexo to Pay Bills

Sodexo is a popular rewards brand, especially for corporate employees who are skilled, creative, and dedicated at work.

At times, you might end up with too many Sodexo passes or gift cards, making it more sensible to turn them into cash.

If you’re wondering about the process of converting Sodexo to GCash, read this article for all the details.

1. Is it Possible to Convert Sodexo to GCash?

Absolutely, you can convert your Sodexo credits to GCash, although not directly like transferring balances between e-wallets.

One method involves using the Lazada app, where you can acquire universal eGift cards and use Sodexo voucher codes.

Refer to the next section for a step-by-step guide on shifting your Sodexo credits to GCash.

2. Steps for Converting Sodexo to GCash

Here’s a simple breakdown of how to gradually convert your Sodexo to GCash:

1. Open the Sodexo+ app on your smartphone.

2. Tap the Shop icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. Choose Lazada from the options and select your desired voucher amount.

Steps for Converting Sodexo to GCash

4. Click the Pay button, confirming the purchase amount.

Converting Sodexo to GCash

5. After generating your Lazada voucher, click Copy Code.

Next, using the Lazada app:

6. Search for or visit the Giftaway, Inc. shop.

Sodexo to GCash

7. Select an eGift with a value lower than your redeemed voucher.

Convert Sodexo to GCash

8. Add the eGift to your cart, maximizing your voucher’s use.

9. Enter your email address and paste the Sodexo voucher code.

10. Tap Place Order, then wait for an email from Giftaway.

11. Open the email and click the Open Gift button.

12. Copy the code shown in the browser window.

Finally, redeem the eGift for GCash:

13. Visit in your browser.

14. Input required details: eGift code, GCash-associated email, and mobile number.

15. Click Redeem.

16. Wait for the confirmation screen, then proceed to redeem more eGifts if needed.

The converted amount will appear in your GCash account within a few minutes.

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3. What is Sodexo?

Sodexo is an international company providing personalized rewards. It’s a top player in service vouchers and cards globally.

Corporate employees often receive Sodexo gift certificates, which can also be obtained through rewards programs.

Options include Sodexo Premium Pass, Sodexo+, and Gift Pass for various incentives like Digital Rewards, Paper Rewards, Meal and Medicine Incentives, and more.

4. Can Sodexo be Directly Converted to GCash?

No, there isn’t a direct way to convert Sodexo credits to GCash.

Follow the above steps using the Lazada app or consider swapping your Sodexo credits with a friend who wants them in exchange for GCash.

5. FAQs – Convert Sodexo to Cash

Q: Is Sodexo Convertible to cash?

Sodexo gift certificates aren’t directly convertible to cash, but they can be redeemed for e-wallet credits. If you’ve followed the steps above, you can obtain cash by withdrawing your GCash balance, transferring it to your bank, or using cash-out partners.

Q: How can I convert paper Sodexo certificates to cash?

If you have paper Sodexo passes, convert them to digital credits using the Sodexo+ app. Refer to the guide above for details on converting Sodexo to GCash.

Q: Can I transfer Sodexo Mobile Pass to others?

You can share Sodexo Mobile Pass with others by forwarding the 10-digit code received via SMS, email, or the Mobile Pass app. Employee benefits or gift Mobile Passes are convertible to Sodexo+ Credits.

Q: Which merchants accept Sodexo?

Numerous merchants, including Yellow Cab Pizza, Robinsons Supermarket, Domino’s Pizza, and more, accept Sodexo. Find the full list using the Sodexo Merchant Locator.

Q: How can I contact GiftAway or Sodexo for concerns?

For GiftAway, reach out via email at [email protected]. For Sodexo, call (02) 8 689-4700 (clients) or (02) 8 689-4712 (affiliates), email [email protected], or create a ticket.

Q: Can I use Sodexo to Pay bills?

Where Can I Spend my Sodexo Gift Certificate? You can use it at more than 10,000 stores all around the country! Just go to this website ( on your computer or phone and locate the closest store. But remember, you can’t use it to pay for things like utilities or bills.

6. Conclusion

Sodexo is a leading global rewards company. While their vouchers offer benefits, you can convert them to GCash via third-party platforms like Lazada and GiftAway Inc. for more financial flexibility.

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