How to Cash Out Tala Loan to GCash? – Latest – 2023

If you want to know, how to cash out Tala Loan to Gcash then you are on right place. In this guide you will get complete information about transferring Tala Loan to GCash.

In today’s digital world, handling finances, transferring money, and even borrowing funds have become simpler through online platforms.

Tala Loan to GCash

The emergence of various online lenders, especially during the pandemic, has made borrowing money more accessible. One such lender is the Tala App.

1. What is Tala Loan?

Tala Loan Philippines offers an online lending service where you can easily apply for personal loans. The application process is quick, and approvals take only a few minutes.

This lender provides reasonable interest rates and facilitates hassle-free monthly repayments, which has attracted many Filipinos.

cash out Tala Loan to GCash

2. The Process to Transfer Tala Loan to GCash

Transferring your Tala loan to GCash involves several steps, all explained below in a straightforward manner. Follow these steps carefully of tala loan application guide.

1. Open your Tala app on Smartphone.

2. Log in by using your 4-digit Tala PIN.

3. Access your approved Tala loan by Clicking “View loan offer.”

4. Choose your desired due date and confirm the loan amount.

5. Review the loan summary containing loan complete details and costs.

6. Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box and tap “Accept Loan.”

7. Select your Tala account as the cash-out option.

8. Confirm the loan claim details and tap “Claim my loan.”

9. Once received, you’ll be notified via text message.

10. Return to your Tala homepage.

11. Tap on “Transfer.” Button

12. Input the transfer amount and tap “Continue.”

13. Now you can Choose GCash as the receiving bank.

14. Enter the recipient’s account number, name, and city.

15. You can Review your transfer information for accuracy.

16. Confirm the transfer by Clicking “Confirm transfer.”

17. Receive the Tala transfer verification code and input it in the application.

18. Funds will be transferred to the receiving account promptly.

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3. FAQs – Tala Loan Through GCash

Q: How long does Tala loan approval take?

A: Tala loan Approval can range from 10 minutes to one hour.

Q: When will my loan appear in my Tala account?

A: Tala Loan after approval takes around 10 minutes to show in your Tala APP Account.

Q: Apart from GCash, where else can I cash out my Tala loan?

A: Your Tala Loan can also cash out to Cebuana Lhuillier,, LBC Instant Peso Padala, M Lhuillier, Palawan Express, and your bank account.

Q: What’s the interest rate of Tala Loan?

A: Your Tala service rate depends on the loan due date. An earlier due date results in a lower service rate.

Q: Can I Claim My Tala Loan via GCash?

A: Yes, you can claim your Tala loan via GCash.

4. Conclusion

Tala Philippines has made borrowing and transferring funds easy and convenient. By following the outlined steps, you can successfully move your Tala loan into your GCash account or other preferred outlets.

I hope this complete information about Cash out Tala loan Philippines to GCash helps a lot and if still you have any questions fee free to ask, I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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